Which Divorce Option is Best for You?

I’ve seen it all: Couples disassembling the bits and pieces of their collective life together inside of a courtroom, across from one another at a conference table—and yes, even over their kitchen table. Every situation is different.

There are a variety of divorce options which allow couples to address their unique needs, situation and goals. Some have bitterness and anger so deeply rooted in their lives that litigation may be the only option available to them. Others would do well to save money, time and frustration by choosing collaborative or mediation.

So, which option is right for you and your divorce? Here are the various divorce types available to Texas couples—and a few ways I can serve you with each.

Collaborative Divorce

Divorce is more than just a legal affair. It’s financial, it’s emotional and it’s complicated. Save time and money, avoid a messy courtroom showdown and develop effective co-parenting strategies with your spouse. Learn more about collaborative divorce


If you can communicate openly and work cooperatively to solve problems with your spouse, mediation can be a less expensive, less time-consuming alternative to courtroom divorce. Plus: I can help you take control of your post-divorce financial needs. Learn more about divorce mediation

Litigation (or “Courtroom Divorce”)

Attorneys are excellent navigators who know divorce laws inside and out. But they’re not specifically trained to handle the financial complexities of your divorce. Let me show you how to get what you need during your litigated divorce. Learn more about litigation (or “courtroom divorce”)

Do It Yourself Divorce

It sounds cheap, quick and easy, doesn’t it? It can be: But it can also be your worst nightmare. Discover how to solve even your toughest money issues when doing it yourself. Learn more about do it yourself divorce