Your Ex Can Read Your Cell Phone Records When You …

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Divorcing spouses with free cell phones in family businesses struggle with keeping cell phone records private. If this is you, eliminate the risk of snooping ex-spouses by moving your cell phone service to an individual plan.

You may be sorely tempted to keep the business phone and save money, but about the emotional cost of giving your ex access to see all your calls and texts. You can take your phone number and your phone to another plan. Changing your cell phone service providers is up to you.

Before you make the change, stop in at your current service provider’s store. Explain your situation and ask about your cell plan options. Take notes. Then stop in at a competing cell service provider’s store. Shop around until you find the best plan for you. Then time your change to suit your situation.

One of my clients had a friend who recommended she keep the phone with the family business (just to satisfy the soon to be ex) plus buy her own individual plan with a different phone and a new phone number. I am sure this friend meant well, but why do this? My client didn’t want to carry around two phones and didn’t need the complexity in her life. Be appreciative of caring friends, but filter their advice for how it fits in your life.

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