Happy Retirement?

Boomers who are considering divorce are typically worried about their long-term financial security. They  are starting to think about retirement and are usually concerned about whether they will have enough money to be happy in retirement. Here are some pointers for a happy retirement.

Contemplate your goal of retirement. Is it to have money and live in bliss? We need to think about what we will do during retirement to have life satisfaction.

Is money crucial to life satisfaction during retirement? Studies show the answer is yes. Money does make you happy in retirement. The wealthier spend more in retirement but not as much as you might expect. Some of them have been saving for so many decades that they do not feel comfortable spending money.

You might watch more television and sleep more during retirement. If you opt for less couch time and more active and social hours, you could live longer and be happier in your retirement. Stay healthy because it is a strong predictor of a happy retirement.

Four Reasons to Have Not-Alimony

Most people think alimony has to be tax deductible for the payor and taxable income for the recipient. Actually, you can elect to have not-alimony. So why would you want to do that? When the recipient is in a higher tax bracket than the payor. The payor will not get a tax deduction because of […]

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Does Divorce Affect My Credit Score?

There’s enormous power in those three little digits. When you’re going through a divorce, it seems like you’re surrounded by dollar signs and considerations about your financial future. But is it really necessary to add your credit score to that growing list of concerns? Is A Healthy Credit Score Really THAT Important? While credit reporting […]

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Finding A Divorce Attorney: 6 Tips For Avoiding A Divorce Nightmare

I’ve yet to meet a single person who was jumping with joy to find a divorce attorney. It just never happens. No, more often than not, in my 30+ years in divorce finance, people rank finding a divorce attorney a couple rungs higher than getting a root canal on the “Things I’d rather not be […]

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Divorce is Divorce except when…

One of the most frequent questions I am asked by College Station clients is about the difference between Collaborative Law divorce, litigation (going to court) and mediation or informal settlement. My clients ask this question when they are consumed with fear and negative emotions at the start of their divorce process. Often they don’t trust […]

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